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> Гомеопатия и др. альтернативные средства для собак, клинические случаи применения на практике
сообщение 1.10.2011, 22:03
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"Trilby" was diagnosed late last year with acute kidney failure and became VERY sick indeed. The vet had him on a concoction of meds and 'flushed' his system in an attempt to 'kick-start' his kidney function, but by January 2011 things became desperate with him refusing all food, and when we did manage to get blended food down him within minutes we got it back. He was obviously very weak and unstable on his legs, so we were off to the Vet again for more help.... but Trilby looked really sick and just laid flat on the Vets table with bright yellow lips and gums. Even his eyes were tinged with yellow, plus he was bringing up bile and the urine sample I took with me to the vets was an unbelievable colour, so I expected the worst news, and got it."

"The date was 31st of January, and my vet said it was time to let him go as nothing more could be done for him. I said I needed Colin, my husband, by my side because he needed the opportunity to say his goodbyes. I eventually got Trilby home and was in floods of tears, but then remembered that years ago I'd heard about a remedy that had helped a dog whose kidney's were failing, and so I phoned Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy in London's 'New Cavendish Street' and spoke to the resident pharmacist. He said he would make up a formula for Trilby that might help him not feel so wretched, so he fast tracked me the potions by courier and we started treatment within hours. The remedies used were 'Anguillar 30 (which is made from Eel’s serum') and a second remedy which was a mixture containing 'Berbris Vulgaris 3c' 'Ceanothus 6x' and 'Chelidonium 6c'. These were to be alternated every 4 hours day and night. We kept Trilby’s fluids and strength up by tube feeding him, and within 3 days the vomiting stopped, then 2 weeks later his stools and urine were the correct colour. The following week his jaundice yellowing was subsiding, and within the month he had his appetite back ready to celebrate his 13th birthday on the 14th of March. We kept those remedies going right up until June, but then weaned him off altogether because we now have a happy boy who is back to his normal sweet self, much to the amazement of my Vet. When all else had failed, a mixture of Homeopathic remedies worked, and we still have our lovely boy today thanks to these remedies. So I am a great believer in the holistic approach, and have been for many years." Veronica Hull (Telvara)
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